Service Announcement: Service Suspended

Service suspension date: April 30, 2019

We thank you for using Potail and will contact you when the service is coming back

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  • POTAIL provides actual US address for free to anyone who is registered as a Potail member.
  • POTAIL provides physical US Address for your shipment from the US.
  • Register online for your Potail membership and get your own US address. You can immediately use it when the online sellers request your US domestic shipping address. Potail offers the US address which can be used exclusively.
  • Can be used anytime for shopping and shipping for US online sellers who want your US domestic address.
  • Provides personal P.O.Box numbers as an independent address.

STREET ADDRESS 1 : 62 Southgate Blvd Suite L


CITY : New castle

STATE : DE ( or Delaware )

ZIP CODE :19720

PHONE : 703-623-0060

  1. Enter your own US address for ‘Shipping Address’ when you make an order online.
  2. Distinguish the ‘Shipping Address’ from ‘Billing address’, if sellers ask your “billing address’. These two different addresses should be entered separately.
  3. Billing address is the address that you registered for the payment with credit card, and the Shipping address is the address of the actual place where you will receive the goods. For the Billing address, you should type your address in English. However, some merchants may reject your credit card to approve because the billing address is not a domestic one. In this case, the credit card approval may be available if you enter your own US address from POTAIL. Otherwise, you should enter your US address for the Shipping address.
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