POTAIL Service & Fees

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Your Own US Address & Virtual Mailbox
Product Images Service
Free for 60 Days
After 60days $1.00 per day each box
Disposed after 90 days of arrival.
Consolidation Fee
$2 per box from fourth box
Return Handling Fee
$5 plus postage fee
Repacking Fee
In this case, when the customer requests
repackaging after final consolidation.
Multi Box Fees
If it is advantageous to separate and pack the box.
$ 3.00 per additional box.
MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet) Fee
If the item requires MSDS.
USD2.00 per 1 MSDS
Special packaging
USD35.00 per hour and material costs
If special packaging is required.
International Shipping Carriers
DHL,  SF-Express, HanJin

POTAIL Shipping Fees

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