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Potail Service Fees

This table represents service fees for Singapore.

Introduction of Potail Service fees

1. Shipping fees include all costs of air freight fares, land carrier fares.

2. Rates are calculated by weight (lbs) of shipments and rounded off to the nearest integer.

3. Shipping fees are determined after examining the actual weights and volumes when we receive the packages at the Potail’s warehouse in the US.

4. Shipping Fees for over sized parcels are determined by ‘Dimensional Weight(or Volumetric Weight)’ (airline regulation) and that is estimated by following dimensional weight calculation. Dimensional Weight rates are charged for the shipments where the dimensional weight exceeds actual weight.

* Dimensional Weight(kg) = Width(mm) x Length(mm) x Height(mm) / 5000

* Dimensional Weight(lbs) = Width(inch)x Length(inch) x Height(inch) / 139

5. Custom duties, surtax or quarantines can be occurred at the custom procedure regarding commodity and declared value.

6. Tariffs such as duties, surtax and extra charges for special treatments are not included. These must be paid before domestic delivery.

7. Domestic delivery will not be completed until the payment of duties.  

Special cares will be needed for large size packages(over 100lbs(45.5Kg) of total weight, over 1m length of longest dimension or over 150cm of total dimension). In this case

POTAIL will transfer your items to large size parcel services or special delivery services(i.e. Sole shipping by pick up trucks) and

extra fees can be occurred at the point of arriva

l. 8. Shipments that exceed 45.5kg weight are charged according

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