Move Potail office from VA to DE.

2018-06-18 09:05
The Delaware Center open on January 09, 2018.
Enjoy shopping without sales tax in Delaware.

--- Delaware Center Address ---
62 Southgate Blvd, Suite L, New castle, DE 19720

Address1 : 62 Southgate Blvd Suite L
Address2: PotailXXXXX (XXXXX is Potail Member Number)
City : New castle
State : DE (or Delaware)
Zip Code : 19720
Telephone : 703-623-0060

* Addresses must be entered without any missing entries.
In particular, Suite L is office number and must be entered.
* When you purchase from the Internet shopping mall, sometimes show you the suggested address.
(Ex. Original address / Suggested address)
In this case, do not use the Suggested address, enter it as Original address.