Service Announcement: Service Suspended

Service suspension date: April 30, 2019

We thank you for using Potail and will contact you when the service is coming back

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The ‘Delivery Agency Service’ is an international delivery service for the customers who shop online.
This service provides a delivery service from foreign stores such as, to the customers’ locations.
Potail delivers customer’s purchases from online merchants who even does not deliver to your location directly and quickly.

Direct airline shipping: In order to assist our valuable customers, Potail owns a logistics center located near Washington Dulles Airport in Virginia, USA. Using the fastest airway, our customers will receive their parcels fast everyday.
One stop service: Our professionals in shipping and packaging department endeavor to reduce the shipping and handling times for customer’s satisfaction. No holding, Non stop services will be performed on your shipments with preparing custom documents, taxes, packaging and domestic distributions at the lowest price.
Safe protection: With a 24/7 security system, our warehouse protects our customer’s valuable products and will be insured 100% by a certified insurance institute.
Profession: Potail’s experienced logistic professionals promise an excellent care of shipping and handling for our customer’s valuable products.

Potail’s packaging professionals do their best to protect all customers’ items even more care for fragile products. However, international air carriers and local land carriers may not compensate for your damaged items by their own regulations.
For the perfect protection, Potail offers ‘Protection guarantee service’ for fragile goods. The customers who apply for ‘Protection guarantee service’ will get 100% reimbursement for damaged items.
*  Potail customer center will inform you if your items are damaged before reaching our warehouse

If you want to return or exchange your purchases after submitting your delivery application, you must make a return or exchange request prior to the payment of delivery fees.
You must submit a return request after checking seller’s return and exchange policies.
You can make the return request going through ‘Customer Service > Contact’ by typing proper information in the sections. (located online).
Returning fees can be charged. 5 U.S. dollars for returning and 10 U.S. dollars for canceling orders can be issued. These fees will be charged automatically to the customer’s account. Shipping costs for sellers will be collected separately. (Fedex, UPS)
Shipping costs for the returned items will not be charged if the return label is enclosed.
If return labels are not enclosed, shipping costs will be added to the customer’s costs.

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