Start buying from the US online malls and ship to your location with Potail’s easy and fast international shipping services. With Potail, you have a freedom to shop your favorite US brands and expedited shipping services to your home. Free membership is now available for your own US shipping address. As a member of Potail, you will have a simple and fast access to shopping and shipping with lowest prices. We guarantee best prices and services. Have a question? Feel free to contact us online or learn more about how to shop and ship globally.


How POTAIL can help for your shopping from USA

1. Get your US Address

Get your own US address today. For the most major US shopping online malls, you are required to own your US domestic address for the shopping and shipping. Applying for ‘MY OWN US ADDRESS’, you will possess your US domestic address as PO box numbers independently. Apply now! It’s simple and free.

2. Go Shopping!

It’s time to buy. Go shopping to any US shopping malls and buy something you eager to buy. After shopping, enter your US address that you have received from Potail for your shipping address. Since your US shipping address has been inserted, we will care all of your shipments until it is delivered to you.

3. Fill in the ‘Delivery Form’

Please fill in “Delivery Form” at Potail’s home page ASAP for our expedited services. As soon as the “Delivery Form” is received, delivery procedures will be started. When your purchases are arrived at our warehouses, we will inform you immediately via SMS or email. After payment of Service fee at the “My Account“, delivery procedure will be started to your location.

4. Enjoy your goods

Give a welcome to your US products at home! We offer fastest way to deliver to your location as you selected of your home or office. You will receive your purchases by completing customs clearances at the airport. Tracking your package is also available at ‘My Account’ page.

Potail Serves these countries

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Amazon U.S.A. is the largest Internet-based retailer, on-line shopping mall in the United States.

It is more than just an online shopping mall, every person is able to get something more than they have dreamed of.

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People around the world can now enjoy shopping at Amazon U.S.A. with Potail’s caring service.

Go for it !

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